Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The First Metal Post

This is my first Metal blog so that makes this my first official "Metal" post so I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 23 years old, I'm not a college student(yet), I don't have a car, and I still live with my parents. I guess if you squint your eyes a little bit I could be the most metal dude under 23 whom ever lived. I didn't get into metal until I was about 18 and it was mostly because of a Drowning Pool video and my dads hatred for the Genre. He would rather me live out my whole life not knowing the black devilish music that is metal and have kept me from being the totally hip metal dudster that I am today.

In all honestly though, I'm not here to talk about daddy issues, I'm here to talk about metal. After my run in with the now admittedly terrible Drowning Pool I began my search for something a bit rougher around the edges until I finally came upon my first true metal band in a record store, In Flames. As I listened through the dirty, probably shouldn't be using, and probably lice infested which totally makes them metal, record store headphones, the sounds poured over and in that moment my musical Identity would be forever changed. After years of listening to punk and alternative music like Bad Religion (still one of my favorite bands by the way) and Breaking Benjamin(awful, awful music by the way), I finally found what I knew was missing in my life. The power of metal!

So after that probably skipped over story about how I discovered metal you are probably sitting there thinking, "Is this dude the real deal or some poser who only thinks he gets metal?", and I wouldn't blame you. I guess the only way I'm going to show some of you is by posting and talking about metal that is actually....good? Hopefully giving some of the people who might read this some decent if not totally metal recommendations? Yes I will also be using the word metal a lot to make the posts a lot more metal and hopefully every time you hear the word you will think of me just a little bit...maybe?....No? I guess we will see.

Like pretty much every other lame metal blogger I'm going to start off with a Metal of the month article, If I can keep myself from forgetting to do it. I'm a little bit of a procrastinator you see. In the next few days I'll try to tell you all about the album that's really been getting me off lately so you can judge and see if I am up to snuff in the metal world. Don't worry, it's not Avenged Sevenfold or that other group of eyeliner wearing douches that every non-metal lover totally thinks is metal, oh wait, they are one and the same. See, I can be funny too!!